7 Ultimate Marketing Tools That Will Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

It is not quite easy to attract more high-level traffic, as it requires a great deal of planning, dedication, and most importantly the right tools and platforms to exponentially boost your traffic. 

Looking at the many numbers of traffic generation tools, you can’t afford to try each one of them to see which one is working and which isn’t.

Let me ask a quick question: Would you like to exponentially boost your traffic?

If yes,

Then this article is done for you as you will discover the 7 ultimate marketing tools that will exponentially boost your traffic.

  1. Buzzsumo
  2. Sprout Social
  3. Drip
  4. Social Warfare
  5. Cognitive SEO
  6. ContentBurger
  7. Videodashboard

#1 Buzzsumo[ps2id id=’Buzzsumo’ target=”/]buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a must-have social media marketing content tool that helps you know what your audience wants, NOT what you think or feel they want. So that you can exponentially boost your traffic.

This simple but powerful tool was Launched in 2014 and has become a top-notch online tool that offers a handful of amazing features that make it worth the penny.

One of the awesome features of Buzzsumo is that it allows users to find out what content is popular by topics. Simple, enter your niche or keyword phrase, BuzzSumo will list the most popular existing articles, infographics, and videos by the number of social media shares they have.

Pretty amazingly tool to come up as quickly as possible with content ideas to exponentially boost your traffic.

Here are a few ways Buzzsumo can help exponentially boost your traffic:

– Content Insights To Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

buzzumo content feature

The core functionality of BuzzSumo is the ability to provide the most shared content on any topic you choose.

Buzzsumo searches across multiple social media sites and gathers information on what topics are gaining the most attention. It identifies where certain topics are being discussed and how much attention these topics are getting.

When helping clients build an annual editorial calendar, we turn to Buzzsumo to find the content types that seem appealing based on social sharing.

However, sharing isn’t the only metric we use, but it’s an important one you shouldn’t overlook if you want to exponentially boost your traffic.

– Competitor Analysis To Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

Buzzsumo competitive analysis feature

There is no doubt that knowing what your competitors are doing, especially what content works and doesn’t work for them, goes a long way in helping you exponentially boost your traffic.

Most importantly, it provides insights into what works best for you and your position as compared to that of your competitors.

Let me give you two things Buzzsumo can do for you when it comes to competitive analysis:

  • It saves you time, so you avoid content, topic, or headlines that aren’t very effective and focus on the most helpful.
  • It analyzes your content creation efforts, you then have an opportunity to fine-tune the process when planning content and putting things in action.

The tool has helped us in countless numbers of ways. When we want to dig deep for the most shared content from our competitor’s end, we count on Buzzsumo.

This helps us to understand our competitor’s content strategy.

To add to this, we also use Buzzsumo as leverage to convince unresponsive clients where they need to be more active in their content marketing strategy.

Influencer Information To Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

Buzzsumo influencer-feature

One recent useful additional feature that the paid version of Buzzsumo offers, is the opportunity to find people who are influential in any topic or niche.

Knowing people who are influential can give you insight into who you need to follow and get along with to exponentially boost your traffic.

Two important questions to help you come by this knowledge are:

  • Who are the people that others are listening to the most?
  • Who gets more social media shares on their posts?

With this information, you can build a solid list of your audience. All you have to do is to type in the keyword and start exploring the list.

The great thing is that as you start mining the list there’s a wealth of influencer information about;

  • who they are,
  • who they are connected to,
  • how much engagement they generate,
  • and what they typically share.

This way you can exponentially boost your traffic.

Keywords Alerts To Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

create alert in buzzsumo

Have you thought of a better tool that allows you to set up keywords alert?

If yes, then think no more.

Buzzsumo is the perfect tool for you.

It allows you to set up keyword alerts, so you get updates when content is posted, updated, and shared. With this tool, you can know who posted and where the post was sent.

This way you will be able to know what your next step should be regarding your marketing efforts to exponentially boost your traffic.

See Google Alerts; With its feature, you can create a list of things such as brand names, product names, competitors, journalists, and even key employees and receive daily digests for any mentions.

The same is goes for Talkwalker, but I will tell you that BuzzSumo’s alerts are even more complete and effective. I use it most times to set up keywords alert for my client.

#2 Sprout Social[ps2id id=’Sprout-Social’ target=”/]

sprout social traffic building tool

Sprout Social is a social media marketing management tool aimed at helping individual entrepreneurs, small and growing businesses, full-service and niche agencies, as well as enterprise corporations, integrate and partner with social media platforms.

A perfect tool to manage everything associated with your social media marketing, including content curation, publishing, scheduling, reporting, and analytics.

The goal of Sprout Social is to make it easy to manage your social profiles and to see which marketing actions you take to exponentially boost your traffic.

Currently, Sprout Social supports integrations with the following social media platforms channels:

Here are a few ways Sprout social can help exponentially boost your traffic:

Automation To Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

Sprout social comes with some automation tools that help you interact with your customers better and more effectively.

These include:

  • Bot Builder: This allows you to create social chatbots that are capable of responding directly to messages on Twitter and Facebook Messenger. These responses are predetermined based on customizable workflow, so your bots won’t be sending out unauthorized message.Automation chat with sprout socials
  • Sprout Queue & ViralPost: The Sprout Queue allows you to keep a list of scheduled items to go live in the future, while ViralPost analyzes your audience engagement to optimize the time you send outposts. This way you able to reach your audience when they are most engaged.Sprout queue and viralpost
  • Advanced Twitter Automation: It helps you streamline your conversations and measure your performance with Suggested Replies to incoming Tweets and Twitter Feedback. This feature uses Sprout Social’s machine learning algorithm. Everything that you send out via Sprout Social is automatically saved, so you can refer to it when needed anytime in the future.Advance twitter automation

Team Collaboration To Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

Team collaboration To Exponentially boost traffic

This tool enables you to break down the work involved with managing your social media profiles. It allows you ( and your team) to get live activity updates so that nobody will act on something that’s already completed.

You also get an audit trail, so you know who replied to a message, tasked, or marked a message as complete, and a Sprout’s message tags, so that you can specify what should be done with a given item in the Smart Inbox.

You can also collaborate on items that require input from multiple people. You (and your team) can save and edit drafts until it is ready to be published.

– Sprout’s Compose Window To Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

Sprout socail team publishing tool

Sprout’s Compose window allows you to publish to your profiles easily. You can schedule posts, add things to your queue for later publishing, edit your content (including images), manage and approve content created by your teammates, and add tags to your messages (both incoming and outgoing) for better organization.

If you have any assets that you use regularly, you can store them in Sprout for easy access whenever you need them.

To see the spread of your content publishing, Sprout Social comes with a visual calendar that includes titles and images or thumbnails of videos. Everything shows up, so if there’s too much content in one period and not enough for another time, you can easily reschedule content.

– Reporting and Analytics To Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

sprout social reporting and analytics

Sprout Social comes with a full reporting suite. These services allow you to uncover actionable insights via analytics and data tailored to what you want to know.

You’ll get message-level insights, access to custom URL tracking, analyses based on tags you’ve used, and so on. If you have an existing internal system or reporting dashboard, you can take advantage of Sprout Social’s API to collect logs and run extended analyses.

Some of the reports included in the Reporting Suite include:

  • Engagement Report
  • Sent Messages Report
  • Twitter Trends Report
  • Facebook Competitors
  • Instagram Profiles Report

In addition to the built-in data gathering tools in Sprout Social, you can leverage data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

#3 Drip[ps2id id=’Drip’ target=”/]

drip traffic tool

Drip helps you find out what your website visitors are interacting (perusing, clicking and craving) and why.

It gives you the opportunity to reach your potential customers with automated messages and customized emails.

Drip is designed to let your business showcase its uniqueness,  when you’re able to reach audiences in a relevant, real way, and personalize the selling experience, you’re on the way to proving your brand’s irreplaceable value.

Drip eCRM offers one solution; to build personalized marketing experiences, drive meaningful engagement, and earn long-term customer loyalty.

It does lots of enterprise-level marketing automation stuff, but with one major difference – it’s affordable. 

It’s a proven way to grow revenues significantly to investment. However, the investment usually needs to be a big one – as you already know that good marketing automation tools don’t come cheap.

The big question: How can a small or medium-sized business tap into this trend, and put the triple-A power of analytics, algorithms, and automation into their dexterous little hands?

Drip marketing is usually done over email since the channel is cheap and relatively non-obtrusive.

Recently, the ideas behind drip marketing have also seeped into social media management, with many businesses going in for scheduling and automating posts as well.

Here are a few ways Drip can help exponentially boost your traffic:

– Customer Data To Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

Drip customer data features

Drip is one place to track and use customer data from every channel. These are the following features that help to achieve that:

  • Tags: This helps you understand people at a glance. You’re able to get a fuller understanding of your audience across your site and marketing channels with sweet and simple Tags. In addition to helping you quickly see how people interact with your brand, it also provides an intuitive way of segmenting your audience when it comes to tailoring your messaging.
    tag Drip feature for customer data
  • Custom Fields: This helps you to get every last detail spot-on for your website visitors. Every visitor to your website has information unique to them that you can use to build strong marketing relationship.  Custom Fields add all the personalized details to your emails that make your brand hit home with your customers and stand out in the crowd of competitors.

drip data field feature

  • Integrations: This helps you to unite data points from all your tools in one organized hub where they’ll always be at-the-ready for use in your next big strategy. When you plug all your eCommerce marketing tools into Drip, you’ll get insight in what each of your customers is doing from the start of their journey to finish
    drip integration feature for customer data
  • Events & Customer Behavior: This feature help you get a deeper look into what you customers are up to and when and how often do they. Tracking Events in Drip lets you understand all the time someone takes a peek at their favorite product, when they make a purchase, and more so you can personalize experiences based on real-life behaviors and engagement.
    events and customer behaviour


– Customer Personalization To Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

Get eCommerce experiences as unique as your customers. These are features that help to achieve that:

  • Deep Segmentation: Use Tags, Events, and Custom Fields to keep tabs on how people are interacting with your store. Drip makes it easy to understand what each unique shopper is looking for, opening, clicking, buying, and beyond so you can use every little detail to craft campaigns made just for them.
    drip deep segmentation feature
  • Behavior-based Automations: This features enables you to engage with your audience in the most impactful moment There’s never just one right time to reach out. Whether it’s just browsing or buying it all, Drip’s Workflows automatically engage with folks at critical moments in the customer experience. From a warm welcome campaign to abandoned cart reminders and more, ECRM was built for impact.
    drip customer behaviour data feature
  • Personalized Experiences: This feature helps you track every visit and click. Over 90% of people are more likely to shop with brands that remember and recognize them with custom content. Put all the customer data you track to good use with dynamic content like unique discount codes, product recommendations, price-drop notifications, and more content people care about.

    Drip personalize customer data feature


– Customer Engagement To Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

Engage with everyone from inbox to Instagram is pertinent to exponentially boost your traffic. These are features that help to achieve that:

  • Behavior-based Automations: This helps you to send your message when it matters most at the right time. The best times to engage with your customers is when your brand is top of mind, like when they’re visiting your site, opening an email, or whatever else. With behavior-based automation and workflows, you’ll never miss another critical moment to reach out and engage with meaning.
    behavior base automation
  • Email: This helps you deliver personalized emails with impact. Maximize the impact every email has with your customers. The Visual Email Builder makes it simple to create beautifully branded emails, while Liquid and Personalized Content blocks render each email as unique as your customers. Show shoppers product recommendations, goods in their cart, and more with no coding or dev.
    drio email features
  • Facebook and Instagram: The customer journey doesn’t end on your site. Always know what your customers are up to, then use that insight to show them ads across Facebook and Instagram that perfectly complement the email they just received, the postcard in their mailbox, or whatever strategy you cook up across your marketing channels.
    drip facebook & instagram features
  • Third-party Integrations: This helps you expand your strategy outside the inbox. Engage with your customers no matter where they’re hanging out along their journey. Third-party integrations open up marketing avenues outside the inbox, so your strategies can connect with customers on social media to mailboxes and anywhere else they’re spending their time outside of email.

drip third party features


– Customer Optimization To Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

Drift customer optimization to exponentially boost your traffic

This helps you to make strategic decisions with confidence.

  • Automatic Revenue Attribution: This helps you put a finger on your biggest money-makers. Connect your store to Drip ECRM and start getting the clarity you want around which strategies are paying off and which need a tweak or two. Drip’s one-time setup makes it simple to start collecting all the revenue attribution data you need in one place for confident decision-making for the long haul.
    drip automatic revenue attribution to exponentially boost your traffic
  • Dashboards: This help you to analyze what matters with clear data dashboards. Never waste time piecing together disparate data points again. With Drip’s dashboards, you will be able to see your must-have engagement metrics (opens, clicks, and unsubscribes) alongside overall revenue, revenue per subscriber, and more for every email you send or workflow you make.
    drip dashboard for soptimiaztion to exponentially boost your traffic
  • Workflow Split Testing: This helps you to test which experiences have the biggest impact. Have a spot-on understanding of the types of experiences that have the biggest impact with your customers. Curious if shoppers respond better to getting an email or seeing an ad? Build split tests inside of automated workflows, then watch which experience garners more revenue, site visits, and more.
    drip work flow testing to exponentially boost your traffic


#4 – Social Warfare[ps2id id=’Social-Warfare’ target=”/]

wordpress social warfare plugin to exponentially boost your traffic


Social Warfare is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add eye-catching buttons to your website that makes it easy to promote your content.

You already know that having social media sharing buttons is essential for every blog. As it helps to exponentially boost your traffic while also working as social proof. 

Here are a few ways social warfare can help exponentially boost your traffic:

Share Content Recovery To Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

Did you know that when you change your URL you also lose the social media share count?

This also holds true for every website which is moving from HTTP to HTTPS.

I will tell you that, many of us ignore this factor when migrating your blogs to the HTTPS protocol without thinking of your social shares, which results in losing a high number of it.

Here is the good news; the Social Warfare plugin keeps your social share counts intact when you switch your permalink or when you move from HTTP to HTTPS protocol.

To enable this feature go to the Advanced Settings tab.

Wondering how this works?

Here is an excerpt from the official help page:

“To recover your social share counts, Social Warfare will make two requests to the various social networks.”

One request will use your current URL permalink structure; the other will use your previous URL permalink structure. Once the numbers have been fetched, if they are not an exact match, we will add the numbers together before displaying them on the buttons.

So if you’re afraid of losing your share count due to you changing your permalink structure, now you don’t have to worry. Just grab and start using this plugin before you make the move to HTTPS.

– Content Protection To Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

Content protection is another great feature that is underlooked by many existing Social Warfare users.

Did you know there are many services like StartAFire that helps social media users hijack another’s content? 

It is bad practice and will cause you to lose traffic. Well, this is where the Social Warfare Content Protection feature comes in handy.

All you need to do is enable the Frame Buster feature while it will automatically redirect such links to your actual links.

This will not only help you get accurate metrics, but it will also improve your bounce rate.

– Tweet Share Count Recovery To Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

At a certain time, Twitter stopped showing a share count for its button. Annoying, right? Well, with this plugin you can again start showing a share count for the Twitter button.

But one of the biggest mistake newbies make when displaying social media sharing buttons is placement. If you notice, most bloggers place social media sharing buttons either above or below the content.

Nothing wrong with that, but there is another way out that is generally more effective in getting more social media shares and help to exponentially boost your traffic.

Simple, add social media sharing buttons that float with content, users still have the option of sharing even if they don’t read until the end.

– Share a Post To Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

Highlighting your most popular posts in the sidebar helps you in many ways:

  1. It helps you to get more eyeballs & traffic.
  2. It helps you to get more shares.
  3. It helps your first-time readers identify the most popular content from your blog.

When you enable the Social Warfare plugin, it also adds a widget that lets you configure and add the “Most Popular Post” in your blog’s sidebar or footer.

#5 Cognitive SEO[ps2id id=’Cognitive-SEO’ target=”/]

cognitive SEO to exponentially boost your traffic

Do you want to exponentially boost your website’s traffic? 

CognitiveSEO Tools allows you to monitor your visitors, and create a digital marketing strategy.

This smart tool will help you better understand why your website is not ranking where it should be and helps you to avoid Google penalties.

With this tool, you’ll get backlink analysis, audit your content, and gain insights into the competition.

Here are a few ways CognitiveSEO can help exponentially boost your traffic

Complete SEO Software Suite 

SEO tool that exponentially boost your traffic

The cognitiveSEO toolset is a complete digital marketing solution and most likely, the only SEO tool you’ll ever need to exponentially boost your traffic.

It provides all possible SEO issues and provides recommendations on how to fix them so that you can experience increased rankings and traffic in a matter of days.

This tool covers all the needs to be an SEO Pro, webmaster or digital marketing expert with efficient solutions on how to increase any website’s traffic: a comprehensive Site Audit, all the on-page & off-page factors that influence Google rankings, keywords research & rank tracking, content optimization, in-depth backlinks analysis, Google Penalty prevention and recovery, social visibility and much more.

OnPage Website Crawler & SEO Audit 


With the ever-evolving search engine algorithms, you need an efficient solution to better rankings. cognitiveSEO is the right tool that helps you detect all the weak points of your website before your users do and lets you know exactly what’s holding your website back from ranking.

The tool crawls all the pages it finds on your website to provide a fully customized set of data easy to comprehend and visualize.

It also offers powerful recommendations on how to fix the error on your site so you can outrank your competitors and quickly increase your overall website performance.

Backlink Analysis, Content Audit And Rank Tracking 


Be one step ahead of your competitors by actively analyzing and tracking your site and your competitors. The SEO tools provide a unique analysis process that will extract critical data for your internet marketing campaigns.

We deliver and prioritize marketing intelligence datapoints in a way that will make it easier for you to understand why your site may not be ranking as it should be, while your competitors are reaping all the search benefits.

Keyword and Content Optimization Tool 

Keyword and Content Optimization Tool that Boosts Your Rankings

Making use of advanced Google semantic search algorithms, it bridge the gap between old school SEO and the new content marketing. This research tool is a full-stack marketer tool kit that will help you get top rankings in 3 easy steps: Keyword Research, Ranking Analysis, and Content Optimisation.

It tells you how to optimize content for search results for a set of targeted keywords. By introducing the Content Performance Score, you will see the exact impact that content has on rankings.

At the moment, the Keyword Tool is the fastest way to boost your Google rankings and increase your organic traffic in a matter of hours.

Unnatural Link Detection for Both Algorithmic and Manual Penalties 

Unnatural Link Detection for Both Algorithmic and Manual Penalties That Will Exponentially Boost Your Traffic That Will Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

Whether you were affected by a manual or algorithmic link penalty caused by the Google Penguin Update, you can use the unnatural link detection tool to identify the problematic links that led to the penalty.

The tool scans your entire link profile and detects the unnatural links that might have caused the penalty. After the detection process is complete, you can either create an outreach list and contact the site owners in question or you can generate a ready-to-send Disavow File.

Desktop, Mobile & Local Rank Tracking for all Locations & Languages 

Desktop, Mobile & Local Rank Tracking for all Locations & Languages Desktop, Mobile & Local Rank Tracking for all Locations & Languages That Will Exponentially Boost Your Traffic

The cognitiveSEO Rank Tracker offers an accurate country, language, and city precision for all your tracked keywords. Understanding the power of contextualized search engine rankings, the ranking checker integrates desktop and mobile keyword research, giving you a detailed perspective of your ranking data and keyword position.

As the same tracked keyword can have different SERP positions on local or mobile rank tracking, the rank monitor tool helps you always be in touch with your real keyword rankings for any location.

#6 Content Burger[ps2id id=’ContentBurger’ target=”/]

content burger to exponetial boost your traffic

Content Burger is an all in one content marketing and social media automation tool to find, create, and share the best performing content consistently and exponentially boost your traffic.

I’m glad to announce that creating amazing engaging content for your sites and social media profiles are finally as easy as making a burger.

If you’ve ever struggled to create consistent content that powers your business, then content burger is in for an exceptional treat.

This tool helps to harness the power of all content types across all social media, blog, and podcast channels. With Contentburger you can create amazing content on your sites and social media profiles in a flash.

It doesn’t matter your business niche, Contentburger can help you succeed.

Here are a few ways Contentburger can help exponentially boost your traffic:

– Content Discovery 

content discovery to exponentially boost your traffic (1)

Find the best content (Articles, GIF, Images, Videos Quotes, Memes, and topics and AI Quote Generator) in realtime; these features never-before-seen search criteria on engagement, performance, etc to find only the best content.

You’ll also find tons of sources for you to research and get inspiration for your articles. Plus, you can embed any of these sources into your original content any time you choose.

– Content Composer

content composer to exponentially boost your traffic

A Composer that brings the Entire Web Content at the center of the Editor

You have true composing power with the Multi-Channel Composer that allows you to embed content from your favorite sources and find Articles, GIFs, Images, Quotes from across the web. The Composer that not only allows write and create contents but provides an easy real-time search of content from multiple sources that they can simply drag and drop to the editor

– Planner And Calendar 

planner and calender

Manage your entire Content Strategy from one Place with Planner

Streamline your content workflow by collaborating with your team members and planning campaigns from an interactive calendar or list view. Plan, approve, reject, or schedule content for all your marketing channels from a single place and be in control of your content and social media strategy.

No more clunky spreadsheets with disconnected workflows. Increase your productivity by running your entire marketing content from a single interface that connects all the moving pieces together.

– Automation Recipe

Automation Recipe

Auto-Discover and Auto-Post the Best Contents

Step by step templates helps you set up various types of automation campaigns saving tons of time. Get relevant & targeted content posted to your channels according to your own needs and settings. 

While the automation is flexible inside of Content Burger, we’ve also included some recipes to help you automate all the content you create without any hassle.

You’ll be able to automate:

  • Articles to Blog 
  • Articles to Social Media
  • Videos to Blog
  • Videos to Social Media
  • RSS to Social Media
  • Bulk CSV Uploader

– Analytics and Reports

analytics and report

Meaningful Insights to fine-tune your strategy

Make informed business decisions through meaningful insights from social media analytics. Use the feedback from analytics reports and fine-tune your social media strategy for optimal performance.

These numbers will give you a statistical view of your social media and content performance so there’s no guesswork when it comes to knowing which content you create is effective.

– Collaboration and Workspace

collaboration and workspace to exponentially boost your traffic

With the Contentburger tool, you can invite your team and collaborate to keep everyone informed and share better content.

If you’re in different markets and niches or doing freelance work for different clients, then you’ll love the workspaces option in Content Burger. So, stay organized by working in different workspaces for different brands or clients.

This will help you stay organized and efficient and never have to search for different posts or content across a number of markets.

When you log in to Content Burger, just select the workspace you want to work from and only content, sources, and posts that are relevant to that category will be shown to you.

– Image, Quote and Meme Creator

Image, Quote and Meme Creator.

Compelling visuals are more important than ever and that’s where our image editor provides you with easy-to-use tools to apply filters, add effects, make adjustments, resize images and do a lot more.

The Built-in Native Image Designer with tonnes of templates and for the first a dedicated Meme and Quote Creator.

#7 Videdashboard[ps2id id=’Videodashboard’ target=”/]

video dash board to exponentially boost your traffic

The “all in one” dashboard to research the trending market pulse, create stunning videos, and exponentially boost your traffic.

For the first time ever, you can leverage rapidly growing (and established) platforms likeTikTok, Medium, Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Linkedin, and Dailymotion from ONE ‘all-inclusive” dashboard.

No other app in the market leverages new platforms like TikTok, Medium, Reddit, and all the other social platforms included.

So this is a first to the market opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

Video dashboard packs in unprecedented value with several fully integrated groundbreaking technologies packed in one dashboard.

Unlike other video apps that only include one feature, Video Dashboard comes loaded with several never-seen-before groundbreaking technologies packed into one

Here is how video dashboard can exponentially boost your traffic

– Trending Market Pulse Finder

trending market pulse finder

Our first of its kind “Market Pulse Finder” technology scours the internet and processes MILLIONS of social/video posts every minute to find the current hottest and trending content online.

Anyone regardless of experience, can at a glance, extract the hottest market trends, viral content, keywords, hashtags, and content for their social posts from Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and YouTube inside ONE dashboard.

Customers can instantly create videos on the trending topics/niches, rank higher on search engines by utilizing the trending hashtags, model their content/social posts/videos on viral content already getting millions of views.

– Content Calendar With Done-For-You Video Templates For The Whole Year

content calendar

Don’t want to create videos? or you

Have no ideas?

Don’t worry, use the fully populated content calendar with pre-filled video content for 365 days a year. Post these done-for-you videos to social media to build a personal connection with your audience and boost your brand and engagement.

The best part is, you can customize the done-for-you videos with your own logos, text, images, and more.

– Ready-Made Video Templates  For Seven Social Media Platforms

Ready-Made Video Templates For Seven

It can’t get easier than this. Customers can create mind-blowing videos for any social platform within minutes using ready-made ‘fully customizable’ video templates…

Change the text, images, and backgrounds. Add your own logos and call-to-action.

Whatever you need, you can do it with the built-in versatile video creation dashboard and create eye-popping videos for social platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin or upload your own videos and spice them up!

Save money and time; No need to hire expert animators, create unlimited videos with zero technical experience.

– Traffic Automation To Publish Your Videos/Content To 11 Different Platforms

Traffic Automation To Publish Your

Get a flood of free organic traffic without having to ever pay for ads.

Convert any video into a sure-shot traffic machine by instantly publishing to 11 of the hottest social platforms within seconds. You have total flexibility, syndicate immediately, or schedule for a later date.

The all-inclusive traffic dashboard schedules videos to the hottest and most-in-demand social and video platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Medium, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Reddit.

No other app in the market syndicates to such a wide array of platforms from one dashboard.

Boom You Are In

These are 7 ultimate tools to use today and exponentially boost your traffic for.

When you master these 7, drop me a line in the comments below, and I promise to point you to other new tools you can learn to use to your advantage.

Don’t forget to share this post and leave the comments down below.